Wireline Services and Tools: Understanding their Importance in the Oil and Gas Industry

Wireline is a high tensile single strand line used for suspending downhole tools and sensors into oil or gas wells. Its use allows the delivery of great results on the spot and the transfer of electricity and data between the surface and the equipment in the well. Wireline services and tools such as those from Renegade Wireline Services are important. Keep reading to know why:

How to Maintain Wireline Tools

Wireline is essential to keep equipment serviced and well-maintained, particularly for those using fish objects or debris that does not belong in the well. It is used for a great number of applications and using the proper maintenance procedures will prolong the tools’ life, durability, and dependability.

The wireline is impacted by the mud, residual fluids, and sediment. Thus, it is important to grease and protect the line from the corrosion before storing it for long periods. Also, it can be damaged due to kinks, over pulling above the recommended load, and fatigue, decreasing its strength, especially if used in wells with Co2 and H2S.

When wireline is stored in a dry and safe place, it does not guarantee its good condition. It is still prone to deterioration, so it should be thoroughly checked regularly, which includes unspooling. Without consistent checks, you lose a costly purchase because wireline is made from highly alloy steel compounds.

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Areas

Wireline tools are just used for the upstream area of the oil and gas industry. It is also called the exploration and production sector of the petroleum chain to drill old wells or create new ones. To assist in these operations, wireline service providers blast holes in tubing, set plugs, locate fluid levels, or bail out debris. Some of the tasks wireline services, equipment, and tools endure include perforating to facilitate circulation to the annul, recovering objects, or setting objects into a bore, as well as assessing formation pressures and downhole temperatures.

High-Quality Wireline Tools

Reputable manufacturers of wireline tools are important in maintaining wells and giving an array of access and service to the gas and oil industry. Although manufacturers provide specialty tools for a customer’s wireline needs, they can also do other services like custom machining. Manufacturers that have been in business for many years are working to improve industry standards. Clients and customers looking for information on wireline tools should visit a manufacturer’s website and see their product page or contact the sales team to get a quote.

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