While Hiring Any New Electrician Ask These Questions

When you are looking for any affordable electrical contractor, then you must keep it in your mind that all electrical service providers may not be the same.

Electricity as such is quite a dangerous science, which should be handled by people who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

Therefore, while you hire any company for providing your electrician service then you must ask the following few questions to evaluate their suitability for the hiring.

  • Do you have necessary license?

You must start your discussion with this very important question, as all professional electrical service company needs proper license in order to provide any service, which is a legal compliance.

  • Are you insured?

All electrical activities are quite hazardous work where there is always a chance of accidents that can also be fatal at times. Therefore, make sure that the company you are considering must have necessary insurance.

  • What are your qualifications?

It is very essential to know whether the electrical specialist provided by the company has qualification from any recognized institution and knowledgeable about this field.

  • How long are you in this business?

Make sure that the electrical contractor providing you various services are having sufficient experience in this field so that you will know whether they have enough competency.

  • Can you give any reference?

Any good company will never hesitate to offer reference of their clients, so that you are able to obtain necessary feedback about their service and professionalism.

  • What are your special areas?

Every company may have certain special areas of expertise, and make sure that it is compatible with your company business, so that they can be more effective for your company.

  • Who will actually perform the work?

Try to find out about the electricians who will actually be available in your company to provide their service. It will be good to know about their qualification and experiences.

  • Are all your electricians local?

Make sure that the electricians provided by the company are local residents who can be easily contacted. If the electrician happens to be from outside the city then it will be difficult to get his timely availability when you need urgently.

  • Do you need any permit?

Usually, any licensed electrician may not always tell you right away whether they will need to pull permit with any local authority and hence you must ask them.

  • What kind of work are you going to perform?

It will always be good idea to discuss and also know in detail about the activities of the electricians in your company, so that there may not remain any confusion about their role.

  • Do you offer any warranty and guarantee?

Also, it will be good to clarify whether the electrical service provider offers any warranty and guarantee about their work. Any good contractor will usually offer certain guarantee about all their work.

  • What will be your service charges?

Last but not the least, you must ask their service charges which should be within your budget and also must be as per the rates prevailing in the market.

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