What Do Irrigation Companies Do?

Irrigation is an important determinant of how good your lawn looks. An effective irrigation system makes your plants blossom, beautifying your outdoor space. However, if your irrigation system isn’t effective, your lawn may look messy due to too much water, or it may look dried-up due to insufficient water- and nobody wants that! That’s why you need to pay attention to your irrigation system and hire companies that are good at it.

Houston irrigation companies help you install and maintain your irrigation system. Their services aim to improve the water efficiency of your outdoor space, enhancing lawn condition. However, they offer specific irrigation-related services- and that’s what we’ll be reviewing in this post.

More specifically, irrigation companies offer the following services:

● Winterization

Generally, in the winter season, water freezes very often. While, in isolation, this isn’t a problem, it can be a serious issue when it comes to irrigation systems. When water freezes, it expands and may break pipes and other fixtures. The result is several repairs that could cost you a lot of money. Irrigation companies can effectively prevent this from happening. Before the first deep freeze of the winter season, irrigation companies get the water out of your pipes, heads, and valves to avoid damage.

Aside from winterization of your pipes to protect your irrigation system, irrigation companies also winterize your lake pump (if you use one). This prevents it from breaking due to temperature dips. Furthermore, they also cover up the ends of your pipes after adding RV antifreeze to protect them.

● Enhancing irrigation efficiency

From sprinklers watering driveways and overshooting the grass, to excess water supply during the rainy season, irrigation systems can waste more water than you can imagine. Addressing that wastage is another service offered by irrigation companies.

With modern irrigation system technologies, irrigation companies reduce water wastage to the barest minimum. They install rain sensors that turn off your irrigation systems during rainfall, water-saving sprinkler heads, and smart controllers to enhance water efficiency.

So, if you have old sprinklers that spray out too much water in the wrong season, an irrigation company can help you repair them or replace them with smart options.

● Offering helpful maintenance tips

The professionals, working to help you with problems with your irrigation in Houston, are highly-skilled, so they know more about your irrigation system than most property owners do.

They can give you helpful advice on how to prevent recurring faults and repairs, promote the general health of your lawn, and the best updates to make your irrigation system run more efficiently. After maintenance or repairs, irrigation companies can inform you if you’ve been watering too little or too much, helping you make the required adjustments.

● Spring adjustments

Most irrigation companies offer spring adjustment services to prepare your irrigation system for the busy season.

Since many people unplug their irrigation controllers in the winter season, the settings may get distorted. Irrigation companies adjust these settings to make them suitable for spring temperatures. They also check the sprinkler head position and rain sensor to ensure they are in perfect condition.


Irrigation companies are not just all about installing and repairing irrigation systems. Their professionals are trained in lawn care. From regular maintenance to excellent customer care, our company is your surest bet. Visit our website today and transform your lawn!

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