Types Of Infrastructure Development South Asia

Economy and Environment are two essential tires of a country. As much as the manufacture and the industry is concerned, every country should also have a well-maintained infrastructure.

Types of Infrastructure development
Based on the economic growth and the pace of life, there have been new developments and implementations in the infrastructure. Several domains of the efforts can be-

Energy Resources
With ample coal, petroleum, and minerals in the Asian countries of Dubai and India, many are also investing in the latest sustainable non-renewable sources of energy.
Transport Facilities
Well-connected communication and transport is the trade-mark of the economy. Recent infrastructure development South Asia has implied include roadways, railways, and waterways.
Water Management
Water resources are an invaluable asset. The water storage by building dams, flood prevention measures, and sewage treatment are included.
Social Infrastructure
The development of the country as a whole also accounts for the well-being of the citizens. The hospitals, schools, and retail outlets also come under the coverage of community development. The promotion of community and social events is a better example of integration between the people.

The title doesn’t only refer to constructing physical structures. The fast and strong communication resources among the public and even among the countries are helpful. They also include the IT infrastructure and software development. South Asian countries like India are also called a hub for IT services.

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