Tips to Select A Reliable Medical Billing Company 

The medical sector is challenging for everyone involved in taking care of their patients. Patient’s health and wellness is the only thing that occupies their mind. After a lengthy day of taking care of patients and filling charts, the billing part is the last thing a physician or medical staff will like to handle. Unfortunately, handling medical billing & coding processes is necessary or you will not get paid.

Fortunately, C&C are professional medical billing services offering a simplified and reliable model of handling your admin task. The experts at C&C Medical Administration, Inc. have developed a practical and effective billing and coding solution that assures maximum revenue, enhanced cash flow, and patient satisfaction.

In this way, healthcare professionals are released from grunt work that involves different patient data. Finding a capable medical billing partner is a challenge. There are myriads of service providers but how to evaluate and choose the right one is important.

Tips to select a reliable medical billing company


Look for companies that are in the market for several years. It reveals that they are capable of keeping their customers satisfied. If you plan to expand your general practice into specialties then ask if the potential service provider has experience in specialty billing practice.

Strong reputation

Reading anonymous reviews online is not enough. There are deceptive reviews, which can make you lose your money and time. It is wise to check reviews offered by medical professionals rather than the regular people. Word-of-mouth coming from the trusted source needs to be considered.

Check ICD-10 knowledge

Knowledge about the latest International Classification of Disease code version is necessary for errorless coding. Accurately coded bills reduce the disapproval of claims, thus saving money and time. Therefore, work with a billing service provider having proficiency in ICD-10.

Consider the staff size

Staff size matters for large healthcare facilities that include a variety of specialties. More trained experts and staff mean handling the sudden surge in billing easy.

Do they honor deadlines?

Meeting deadlines is crucial for every kind of business. In the healthcare sector, deadlines are vital for the physician or hospital, insurers, and insured. Therefore, the billing partner has to adhere to deadlines strictly and deliver results irrespective of challenges involved.

Check accessibility

Good medical billing companies go beyond in satisfying their customers with hope for repeat business. The majority of healthcare providers, search for speed and accessibility. Revenue making is vital but not at the cost of the patient’s inconvenience. Check if the billing partner is capable to respond fast to concerns during as well as after service.

Consider HIPAA compliant

A billing partner that is HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] compliant will obviously offer peace of mind. Your interest gets protected as per the HIPAA specifications. They are not involved in mishandling patient’s confidential data.

Service cost

How much does the medical billing partner charge? Are there any hidden charges? Do they offer discounts on large volume? You can get an idea if the potential billing service is suitable for your budget or not.

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