Thinking Outside the Box: Unconventional Corporate Team Building Activities

Team Building is important for business success. Organisations struggle to find good team-building activities that bring employees together and encourage collaboration. Common team-building activities can work, but they can also be boring. Thinking creatively and doing unique team-building activities is increasingly important for companies.

 New team-building activities are more fun and collaborative than old ones. Games can help employees socialise, build trust, and understand each other better. There are many unique team-building activities to choose from, like escape rooms and improv comedy workshops.

Virtual game night.

Team Building Activities are common in companies, but they can become boring. Try hosting a virtual game night to bring your team together and have fun. This activity is great for remote teams or those who can’t meet in-person because anyone can join from anywhere in the world. Play fun games like virtual trivia, group Pictionary, or Jackbox games. This activity promotes team bonding and competitiveness. Try virtual game nights instead of traditional Team Building Activities.

Making a mural with the community.

Need a creative Team Building activity that involves the community? Make a community mural! This activity helps with teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and giving back to the community. Your team can choose a theme, get inspiration from the community, and make art to inspire people in public spaces. Creating a mural will bring your team closer and foster pride in their work and community. This activity is different from the usual “trust fall” but it will unite your team in a unique and meaningful way.

Virtual scavenger hunt.

Team Building doesn’t have to be boring exercises. Find fun ways for your team to learn teamwork skills. That’s where the online scavenger hunt comes in. It’s an interactive game that will keep your team engaged for hours. It’s a great mix of adventure, problem-solving, strategy, and teamwork. Teams will search for virtual landmarks, solve riddles, and complete challenges against time. It’s a fun way to improve trust, communication, and creativity skills.

Virtual field trip.

Team Building doesn’t always need trust falls or icebreakers. Bond with colleagues by going on a virtual field trip together. Why sit in a boring room when you can travel and explore new places? You can hike the Grand Canyon, explore the ocean, or walk in Tokyo. This activity promotes teamwork and allows your team to have fun together. You may find a shared interest to bond over at work.

Playing online trivia competition.

Team Building is important for better teamwork in companies. Play online trivia to build teamwork and challenge your mind. Picture your team competing against other companies, answering questions on various subjects. This activity can improve your team’s problem-solving, adaptability, and competitiveness.

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