Things to look out for when renting office space

When searching for an office space to rent out, there are certain things that you will have to look out for. The following are what workspace rental Singapore considers the main ones:

Amenities which are employee-friendly

When comparing office space rentals, you have to ask your broker what is in the terms of fixtures and amenities. The type of office culture you want to cultivate. At the minimum, you might wish to get an office space for rental for your employees to include employees that includes a kitchen or break room and cafeteria.

Check out the mundane yet important features like the positioning and number of electrical outlets together with extra perks like built in saunas, gyms and reception area which are high-tech.

Private parking

For commuting employees and client employees, adequate parking as well as storage is essential. Determine if the parking is onsite or in a location nearby, and the security factor has to be considered also; is there a parking attendant who is dedicated to the parking? Will your team members find the parking to be costly? Is the bike storage available secure and safe? Once you are satisfied with the setting of the parking, then you can consider it an ideal space for renting.

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