The key difference between pips, pipettes, and spreads?

In the trading business, many terms are important for a trader to know if they want to make a profit. Mostly new traders start their trading without having proper knowledge about the market and thus they fail to make money.

It’s hard to explain the importance of pips, pipettes and spreads in the market. They play an important role in the market which is needed for the traders to know properly so that they can use them in the correct place without doing any mistakes.

What are pips?

In the Forex market, a pip is the smallest price movement in terms of currency. Pip is used to measure the movement in the exchange rate. In the currency pair, most of them are quoted into four decimal places, the last digit which makes the smallest change is known as 1pip.

If you want to calculate the value of a pip then you can simply divide 1/10,000 by the exchange rate. Pip is important in the market as a trader can know about his profit or loss by the movement of a currency pair. But things are not only limited price fluctuations. Let’s dig a bit more about the pips in this business.

The naïve traders in Australia often think they know a lot about the Forex pips. But things are not as easy as it seems. In fact, pips are going to be the most common term in your trading career. Instead of dealing with the profit factors in terms of the dollar, you will slowly deal with the profit in terms of pips. And the amount of money that you will make from a certain trade depends on your pip value. Let’s say, you are trading the market with 1 standard lot. This means the value of each pip is $10. So, for 10 pips gain, you can easily secure a $100 profit. Learn the use of lot size since it greatly defines the pip value which is responsible for managing the risk exposure.

What are the pipettes?

A pipette is known by the movement which equals 1/10 of a pip and it can also be known by the fraction of 1/100,000. In terms of the price movement, a pipette is considered to be very small and it is often ignored by the position trader. A pipette is also known as fractional pips.

If a currency pair has more than 4 decimal places in it, then the 5 decimal place stands for pipettes. In the currency pair, you will not see the 5th decimal place all the time, it varies according to type of trading account offered by your broker.

What is the spread?

In trading business, the brokers set two different prices for the currency pairs which are known as the bid and the asking price. The term bid is used where you can sell the base currency and the term is used where you can buy the base currency with respect to the quote currency. And the spread is defined by the difference that occurs between these two prices.

And for this spread the brokers can’t make money as commission, so the term no commission or zero commission is known because they take their profit which is built into the spread. The spread is measured in pips.


It is important to start your trading by knowing about all the terms that are important. This market is so vast that it contains a lot of important factors in it and each factor plays a vital in their position.

So if you are thinking to start trading without having any proper knowledge then no one will be able to help you from making a loss. Pro traders learned everything first before starting their trading, and now they are risk-free for the maximum trade in terms of losing. So always keep your focus on learning before you start trading.

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