The Benefits of Powder Coating

For those that need a protective and decorative finish for their metal products, powder coating is the solution. In this process, the powder is a combination of finely ground particles of resin and pigment that is electrostatically sprayed through a fluidizer on whatever metallic surface is being covered. The powder is heated and fused to the surface in a curing oven. The whole process gives consumers a durable, high-quality finish. This application is one of the faster-growing finishing options in the U.S., currently being used on over 10% of industrial finishing needs. There are several advantages to using powder coating to coat your surfaces.

Increased Durability

Even though it one of the most economical finishes to metal surfaces, powder coating is one of the highest quality and durable options on the market. It is highly resistant to fading, scratching, chipping, and wearing. There are many color options, and the colors stay brighter and more vibrant for much longer periods of time.

Environmentally Friendly

In a society that is worried about protecting the earth, powder coating provides an environmentally friendly process of protection. Unlike liquid finishes that contain pollutants, powder coating contains little to no solvents that are released into the atmosphere. Because of the reduced risk, finishers don’t have to spend money purchasing and implementing pollution control measures.

Heightened Efficiency

When you use powder coating to finish your surface, the processing times are much shorter than when using wet stoving enamels and paints. Because there is no solvent, there is no flash off period needed. Powder coating goes straight from the spray on to the oven, saving time and space. Finishers can take on more projects and give customers a faster turn-around time for their orders.

Improved Health

Since there is no solvent in the powder finishes, employees have a much lower risk of experiencing irritation in the mouth, nose, and throat. Liquid solvents can come into contact with skin, resulting in irritation and needing a stringent solvent cleaning in hot water. With powder coating, there are very few cases of skin irritation when contact is made with the powder. This skin is also easily cleaned with warm water.

Easier Application

It is much easier to apply powder than paint, making it easy to clean a spray booth after the surface is finished. Spills of powder can be vacuumed through an industrial vacuum cleaning that has a dust-tight motor. This saves time and money for the finisher and the customer.

Powder coating makes a purchase last longer and looks better. It is an affordable and environmentally-friendly finishing option.

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