Responsibilities And Prerequisites Of A Quality Control Inspector

If you are interested in pursuing the career of a quality control inspector, then ensure to hone your communication skills and be capable to work for extended hours in a factory environment. The work environment differs depending on company size and industry. In a few, there may a need for full-time working in regular hours, while others may need overnight shifts or overtime depending on the deadlines of the project.

Duties of a quality control inspector

A quality control inspector must review every product before certifying to ensure they are safe and meets the manufacturer’s guidelines before leaving your facility.

  • Monitors manufacturing operations to ensure systems function properly.
  • Maintains & tests equipment and instruments.
  • Tests products based on industry standards.
  • Reports malfunctions, defects or any other issues to the senior staff.
  • Inspects products at different stages ranging from raw materials to the end products.
  • Write, teach, maintain, and update testing protocols.
  • Managing and training new quality control team members.

Quality control inspector prerequisites


  • Minimum high school diploma
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in quality assurance [advantage for job opportunities & earning potential]
  • Degree program focused on engineering, manufacturing, IT, and safety.
  • Accredited quality assurance online certification.

A quality control inspector can find job opportunities in food production companies, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, aeronautical firms, chemical companies, furniture manufacturers, and more. Currently, check for recruitment Groupe Meloche online. It is a family business serving the aerospace industry, since 1974. It is a company with more than 230 employees working in their 4 production sites in Bromont, and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Necessary skills for becoming a successful quality control inspector

  • Detail orientation – A quality control inspector needs to be well-aware of the changes in functions, procedures and the results. Do the procedure and product meet defined standards? He needs to be vigilant in identifying the smallest differences in products and procedures.

  • Communication – Detecting errors need to be communicated frankly and clearly with the seniors verbally and in writing. Inspectors also need to suggest ways to rectify the errors.
  • Physical strength – Quality control inspectors may need to use heavy machinery, walk around large premises, or move large items, so the candidate needs to be capable of lifting heavyweight to review heavy products.
  • Training skills – Fellow employees need to be trained in specific procedures. If flaws are identified and fixed, the inspector needs to instruct others on ways to prevent future cases for a smooth workflow.
  • Organizational skills – Strong organizational skills are needed to perform a detailed process associated with review and inspection. Organization means keeping a tidy workplace to ensure they can quickly locate the correct tools.

Pay scales for quality control are very impressive at Groupe Meloche’s! the work culture is also impressive!

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