Packaging simplified: Check the best product boxing tips for 2019!

Innovation, style, thoughtfulness – A good product box is a mix of all these aspects. Packaging is more than just about protecting the product from physical damage. Talk to a bunch of marketing experts, and they will tell you about the importance of packaging for marketing and branding. The conception and creation of the ideal box format can take time, but we have enlisted some of the best boxing tips that brands need to know for 2019.

Minimalism rules

More companies and brands are focusing on minimalistic packaging, and it makes so much sense. The phrase “less is more” is not passé in the real world. With minimalism, the idea is to let go of all the elements that take away attention from the product. The design of the box is limited to the best possible aspects, and only core aspects that need to be highlighted are kept in focus. Minimalistic packaging, however, doesn’t mean boring, and done right, you can actually save considerable money, given that the printing costs are reduced considerably.

Sustainable for the future

Consumers are more aware of their choices than ever before, and it is not surprising that many of them would like to go for a brand that is geared towards sustainability. Depending on the product you sell, it could mean many things. For instance, some products need to have a plastic cover, but the actual box can be made of recycled materials. It is essential to find ways to use more recyclable materials, such as corrugated boxes, instead of anything that may eventually remain in the landfill for decades. You can also make the most of reducing unwanted packaging. Unless the product demands, do not pay more for layered packaging.

Diverse mix of colors

From more of nude palettes, to use of simple black & white packaging, a lot of brands are actually opting for colors that are anything but traditional. Some of the best product boxes have use of color gradients, while others have a one-color box, with the brand name and logo. Product packaging has to resonate with your audience, and the choice of colors does make a difference.

If you want to make the most of product packaging, makes sure you find the right box manufacturer, because these sellers have a fair idea of what works and can suggest ways to save on costs. Get an estimate before placing the order.

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