Maritime Safety and Performance Improvement Services 

Maritime safety and performance improvement services are a vast industry. The maritime industry is one of the most important because it has a significant impact on our economy.

Three services provided:

1 Dynamic Positioning: a computer-operated system keeps a ship in position and on course without any human input.

Dynamic positioning is required for ships to maintain the same situation when high winds, currents, or other forces push them off their set location. In active positioning mode, the vessel constantly calculates its current position based on information from GPS satellites and accelerometers on the ship, then determines the position of the destination point and makes minute adjustments to its heading. A DPO certificate is required to become a DP.

2 Automated Radar Plotting Aids are electronic tools used onboard ships for navigation.

ARPA, or ARPAnet, is a real-time differential GPS that provides accurate positioning data to mariners via VHF radio signals transmitted from fixed base transmitters located onshore stations worldwide.

3 Automatic Identification System, a tracking system for ships.

Ships now have to be tracked as part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) mandated by the International Maritime Organization. The AIS unit automatically exchanges data with other nearby vessels equipped with an AIS transceiver so they can detect each other’s presence on the water.

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