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You need an app that allows you to carry out more than one task for one site at the same time, from risk assessments to staff training. With our RAMs software, you can create, download and duplicate health and safety documents and send them to more than one person at the same time – they live in the cloud!

With cloud access, any member of your staff can stay compliant, impress clients and win more business. If you are looking for a better, more intelligent way to manage your risk and health and safety responsibilities, then you are choosing well with the RAMs app.

Better Productivity

When you choose cloud-based risk management software, you are choosing to drive visibility and efficiency as well as productivity in your employees. You can work better, and people can work faster when they have the right risk management software with easy access.

With our cloud-based risk management software, we can help you to maintain compliance with the local and federal regulations. Our systems are designed to cater for your organization and ensure that you can manage and report on environmental performance. As well as this, you can gain a vast range of functionality to help you to access your documents as you need them.

What You Can Do with Risk Management Software

With the RAMs App, you can do the following things:

  • Measure the sustainability of the environment
  • Track the health and hygiene of your employees
  • Analyse and assess all associated risks
  • Create reports for finance, safety and auditing
  • And much, much more

Our comprehensive risk management app can help you to analyse processes that pose a risk to your organization. You can also get the tools that you need to reach the right crisis-response plans as well as assess hazards in the workplace and monitor your insurance policies at the same time.

Benefits of Risk Management Software

Businesses will see plenty of benefits when they adopt our RAMs App. One of the most significant benefits being that you can manage your regulatory requirements far better. Regulations for health and safety are becoming more complex as time goes on, and cloud-based health and safety software is being developed to manage those complexities. It would help if you had the right support for your business to remain compliant, and with our RAMs App, that’s precisely what you can get.

Within our cloud-based risk assessment software, there are over 300 risk assessments ready to use for hazards that could already be there in your workplace, you can choose the risk assessments, review them and edit them as you see fit. You can even create your own!

If some of the controls don’t apply to you, you can simply remove the text. Our ability to help you to custom make your own risk assessments are also a handy feature in the app, enabling you to tailor your risk assessment for your workplace.

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We are constantly updating RAMs App content and can add any trade group or assessments that you’d like us too. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking by using our software.

Remember, our unique RAMs software that can create, duplicate, download and send your health and safety documents. Safely stored in the cloud access at any time. Stay compliant, impress clients and win more business.For more information on our risk assessment software, call our team today!

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