How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Sexual Harassment Case?

Workplace discrimination & harassment is anything but new. However, a case of sexual harassment is extremely serious and must be handled with great care. If you feel someone at the workplace has tried to harass you sexually, you should seek justice, not just because this is your right, but also because it is about justice. Thanks to Google, finding sexual harassment attorneys in Chicago is not hard anymore, but what does it take to select the right one? Below is a simplified guide for your help.

  • Ask around. If someone you know has hired an attorney for sexual harassment case, ask for references. Recommendations from friends, colleagues and family members can be really handy. In case you don’t have references, check online and evaluate law firms based on the actual work they have done and reviews from other customers. In fact, online reviews are of great help.

  • Seek specific expertise. Employment law cases are convoluted in nature, and when it comes to sexual harassment, matters are even more complicated. You need a lawyer who is experienced, well-versed with cases similar to yours and has managed to maintain a good track record.
  • Check if they offer free consultation. While sexual harassment attorneys are expensive, the best firms still offer free first consultation, and that can be really handy. As someone who has faced sexual harassment, you need to know what you can possibly expect from the case, given that incidents like these are always hard to prove. The first meeting, even though free, can be an eye opener.
  • Discuss the fee structure. It is hard to predict how long a case will drag, and therefore, you have to be extremely careful about paying your lawyer. Avoid attorneys who charge for sexual harassment cases by the hour. Paid fee is always expensive. Instead, go for a contingency fee, where you will be paying a part of the settlement, provided they can resolve the matter.

  • Ability to handle diverse situations. Can the attorney negotiate and settle sexual harassment cases outside the court? If yes, how many cases has he managed to clear in the last five years? Is the law firm capable enough to handle the matter in trial? Be specific with your questions and don’t agree on hiring the attorney, until you are absolutely sure.

Check online now to find the best law firms that focus on sexual harassment cases.

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