How To Buy And Use Windows 10 Pro Key? Find Here!

After the debacle of Windows 8.1, it was expected that Microsoft will go back to its old ways, and for many critics, Windows 10 seemed like the perfect answer. Windows 10 had the qualities of Windows 7 and previous editions, but it was not as bland as any of them and incorporated the features that people expected. Windows 10 has two basic versions – Pro and Home. When Windows 10 was first launched, you could update to Windows 10 for free, but not anymore. Once you have downloaded and installed Windows 10, you have to activate your version with the key. For instance, if you have Windows 10 Home, you will need a key that works for that edition. In this post, we are discussing all you must know about Windows 10 Pro Key, process of installation and more.

Quick basics

Before you ask, it is absolutely necessary to get a product key for Windows 10 Pro. The Pro version of Windows 10 covers all the aspects of the Home edition, with additional inclusions, such as Assigned Access 8.1, Client Hyper-V, Device Guard and so on. To be fair, Windows 10 Pro is more suited for small enterprises and professionals, while Home is ideal for regular users. You can download any version of Windows 10 and install for free, but to access the whole bunch of features, you do need the key.

Can I buy Windows 10 keys at a discount?

Windows 10 Pro keys can be purchased online from third-party vendors at a lower price, while you can always check the official website of Microsoft to get the key directly. Third-party vendors buy retail keys in bulk, which is why they can offer a discount. You just need to pay for the key, and your purchase is done. The key for Windows 10 Pro will be sent on your email, and each key is valid for just one use. This means that if you want to activate Windows 10 Pro for two computers or laptops, you need two different keys. Don’t shy away from checking the price, and the vendor should offer some support, in case the key doesn’t work.

The reason why you get keys for Windows 10 Pro so cheap is because of the nature of deal that these vendors have with resellers. Check online now to find cheap keys and ensure that you have activated Windows 10 Pro.

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