How Stickers Can Help your Retail Business

Stickers offer so much for the retailer, as these wonderful items can be attached to almost anything, and that means maximum exposure for you and your products. They can be used in-store or for external use, cars being just one example of getting your message out, and with that in mind, here are a few great sticker ideas to boost your business.

  • Distribute at Events – If you have some promotional stickers made, then you can hand them out to people at exhibitions, or even at shopping malls, which is one way of increasing exposure and getting your name out there. Find a cheap sticker shop (called ร้าน ทํา สติ๊กเกอร์ ราคา ถูก in Thai) and talk to them about the many design options, and one thing to watch out for, is that the stickers can be easily removed, as you don’t want people to get angry when they can’t remove a car sticker.
  • Calls to Action – In-store calls to action are a very effective way to persuade shoppers to make a purchase, and with the right design, they can be located next to selected products. It might be to introduce a special offer, or to inform customers that they can have credit, and with stickers that can easily be removed, you can experiment with the best locations.
  • Introduce Humour – The objective with promotional stickers is to get maximum exposure, and rather than having your company name, why not create an amusing cartoon that is related to your products? If a sticker’s message brings on a chuckle, people are more likely to post it somewhere, and we could all do with a laugh from time to time. Humour works very well with sticker promotion, so do include it in your campaign. A funny cartoon can really appeal to people and this is just one way of getting your message out there.
  • Include Promotional Stickers with In-Store Purchases – Ask your cashiers to put a few stickers in the bag when ringing up purchases, as this is a great way to distribute stickers. You could put them inside your packaging, and with the right message, these stickers can really give your business and products a boost.
  • Placing Stickers in Unusual Places – If you take a look at the area outside your store, there might be a few corners where you could place a sticker or two, which might convince a passer-by to visit your store. There are infinite possibilities for this, and a couple of hours walking around should yield some results, and it doesn’t have to stop there, as you could place stickers in other areas of the town, just make sure that you have permission.

There are many potential ways the stickers can be used to promote your business, and finding an inexpensive sticker producer is very easy with a Google search. They would have a wealth of hands-on experience in sticker design and they can print stickers that can be used on a wide range of mediums, so talk to your local sticker company today and see what they can do for you.

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