Duplex Steel pipe grades

Duplex Steel Pipe is produced in different grades. There are standard, super and lean duplex grades that contain different proportions of alloying materials. The grades correspond to different mechanical properties and are used in different industries. There are lean grades such as the 2304, the standard grades such as the 2205 and the super grades such as the 2507. The main difference in grading comes from the added chromium, molybdenum and nickel components. The applications of different grades vary. For example, the super grade duplex steel pipe is used in aerospace engineering. The application of duplex steel is very much cost effective because they are lightweight and strong. So the material could be formed into very thing components without compromising the strength.

These are usually very highly anticorrosive, especially resistant to chloride ion corrosion cracking and pitting corrosion cracking risk. These materials are used in chemical, food and oil containers due to their anticorrosive properties. These pipes can be used in structural engineering because they are very strong. Combining the anticorrosive properties and the strength, they are ideal for underwater, marine and sea water equipment. Water desalinization plants, waste water managements systems, chemical plants, nuclear power plants and others use duplex stainless steel pipe. These are also very much stable under very high temperatures and pressures. These properties make them ideal for aerospace applications and hydraulic pipes. The mechanical properties could be accurately matched by selecting the correct grade. the Duplex 2205 Pipe price is lower compared to other stainless steel pipes.

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