Considering Dog Grooming Business? Factors That Matter!

For dog owners, pets are family. They don’t mind spending on their food, basic care, and grooming, no matter the costs. It should not be surprising for aspiring entrepreneurs that this industry is booming in the US. Dog boarding & grooming facilities are in high demand, and as more people adopt and get dogs, this demand is only likely to increase. If you are interested in starting a dog grooming business, here are some factors to consider.

Startup vs. Franchise

This is probably the biggest decision you will make, and we recommend that you weigh the pros and cons of both. Starting your own business means doing homework from scratch, and you may have to earn some credibility, to make noteworthy profits. However, your business is eventually your own, so that’s always an advantage. In the US, there are some amazing dog boarding & grooming franchises too. Franchising allows new business owners to make considerable money right away, and while the franchise fee is an additional cost, the support and brand value are worth paying for. The best idea is to consider your long-term plans before taking the final call.

Location matters

No matter whether you want to focus just on dog grooming alone, or wish to offer daycare and other facilities, it is important to do some initial research on the location. For instance, how many estimated dog owners exist in a particular location? How many other dog grooming services are currently in business? Who are likely to be your immediate competitors? These are just some of the aspects that matter in selecting the location.

The nature of business

There are certain businesses that you cannot simply hand over to your managers, caretakers and employers, no matter how experienced, professional or reliable they are. Doggy care & grooming is one of them. This is a business model that requires personal attention, and in many cases, anxious pet owners may want to talk to the owner. In other words, you are expected to be around.

Franchising cost

If you are considering a franchise, calculate the costs, but do some background work on how that particular dog grooming service has grown in the last five years. Rely on data and numbers to make calculated decisions, and consider the extent to which that the parent company will offer support.

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