Choosing the Best IAM Solution for your Business Needs

Every organisation will need to ensure that only the right people can have access to the right information. Identity and access management (IAM) is a reliable tool that your company can use to ensure secure access management. Knowing who has access to your confidential data, how they access it and when is important to prevent insider threat and improve the safety of your company against cyber attacks. But, because there are a lot of security solutions out there, you might not know which one IAM solution is the best for your company.

IAM Trends to Look For

When choosing an IAM solution, pay attention to the global IAM trends to know the dangers and potential threats that must be addressed.

Current trends include the following:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is a vital element for any quality IAM solution. But, because of attacks that target conventional two-factor authentication mechanisms, you may want to invest in more advanced solutions. A lot of contemporary MFA solutions leverage biometrics and one-time password as an extra protection level.
  • IoT security. As the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to increase, there is a need to develop new techniques in terms of IoT security. The identity of things (IDoT) ensures the identity of certain devices instead of the identity of users.
  • Third-party vendor management solution. This solution provides full visibility of the actions of third-party subcontractors to whom you grant access to your corporate network. Also, it offers granular access management for various groups of vendors.

How to Maximise Protection of Critical Assets

In general, companies will want to use IAM to make sure the people accessing their corporate network are why they claim to be. Also, it ensures users have the appropriate access permission.

Below are some of the useful features to look for when choosing IAM software:

  • Automatic response actions. Invest in an IAM solution that allows you to respond to this incident by blocking a suspicious account temporarily. The best solution lets you set custom alerts for certain events or user actions.
  • User-friendly. The best IAM software is easy to use without constantly asking questions on each tool or function. All trending features and extra tools are wrapped into a user-friendly interface s well as supported with premium-level customer service.
  • Compatibility. Look for an IAM solution that is compatible with the architectures of your business network, operating systems, and SIEM systems. A lot of products in that market that provides excellent functionality at a reasonable price do not support some platforms.

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