Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Window Cleaning Service In Scotland!

Regardless of whether you own a local spa, or a big commercial office, maintenance is an aspect that cannot be ignored. When it comes to deep and extensive window cleaning, hiring a professional service is necessary. Thankfully, there are many companies offering window cleaning Scotland, but expectedly, not every service is worth your time. In this post, we are discussing top questions that must be asked when you look for a local service in Scotland.

  • What kind of window cleaning services do you provide?

Traditional window cleaning involves use of ladders, cradles, and using simple products, and for windows and facades that are easily accessible, this is just enough. Many companies also specialize in other methods, like Reach & Wash systems that rely on water-fed poles, which can clean window as high as 70-feet! Find a company that has solutions for your commercial window cleaning needs. If they specialize in other services, such as power washing, or graffiti removal, it is always an added advantage.

  • Do you have operatives and cleaners on payroll?

Let’s get real here – window cleaning is a risky job, especially when ladders are used. You need to find a company that’s local and licensed in Scotland, and they must have their own team of workers, operatives, and cleaners. These workers have to be bonded, insured, and trained for such jobs, and not hired randomly for a contract. A company is also expected to have generic insurance, so that any damage to your property is covered by them and doesn’t become your implied liability.

  • Can you share client references?

If a window-cleaning service claims to be the best in Scotland, they will have enough clients and will not shy away from offering references. You can also consider checking for independent client reviews and testimonials online, which can help you understand their credibility and market reputation.

  • Will you offer a no-obligation estimate? Do you work on a contractual basis?

Window cleaning is a onetime job for many businesses, and it is absolutely necessary to get an estimate in advance. Check whether the concerned service offers any guarantee or assurance on the job. If you are not happy with the work they have done, you should be able to ask for a refund, or second clean-up. Many business owners prefer to have a window cleaning service on contract, so that regular maintenance is taken care of.

Ask for estimates before you sign up, but don’t look for the cheapest quote.

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