All You Need to Ask Before Hiring A Sign Maker

Before you can personally appeal to your customer, make sure your sign is appealing. If your sign is attractive and persuades customers to enter your store, then it has acted as an effective marketing strategy. It is a one-time investment that could benefit you for a long period.

If you are looking for a professional signage service then you can contact Magnify Signs in Denver, Colorado, USA. They have been providing signage services for the past 30 years for schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. They are sales and marketing professionals who know how to use signs to increase visibility and ultimately, foot traffic. You only have to communicate with them about your needs and goals to get the perfect result.

Questions to ask a professional sign maker

  • What type of signs can you make? – You need to ensure that the business has the means and abilities to produce to kind of sig you want. It is best if you check out some of the signs they have created before to understand their style.
  • Can you explain your process? – You should get a walkthrough of the process they follow when making a sign for any organization. This can give you an idea of their dedication, expertise, and understanding of the customers’ needs.
  • How will I know the final look of the sign? – Sometimes what you imagine may not be the final product. Make sure that they show you a final design virtually or even mockups of the design before printing out the final sign.
  • How much time will it take to complete the work? – One of the most important elements is the duration that making the signage process will take. As a business owner, time holds great value. Furthermore, this can help you plan the other activities of your store.

  • Who handles the design? – You need to make sure that the signage company you choose has a graphic designer on their team. This ensures a proper understanding of the customer’s needs and even lower costs. If the company hires outside help to design then there are more chances of miscommunication and even higher costs.
  • What maintenance does the sign require? – This sign will be in your store for a long time so make sure you understand how much it costs to maintain. Signs can fade and tear over time so learn how to properly maintain it.


It is important to communicate about your needs so that you get a final product that you are satisfied with.

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