Advantages of an Irish Holding Company


A holding company generally doesn’t produce services or goods itself. Its sole purpose should be to own shares.

The reason why for creating options are diverse. They might be produced to function for a while of your time or included in a lengthy-term plan. Whether it’s better to create a Hold Co to secure your shares instead of you holding them personally requires significant thought on your specific conditions and advice from qualified professionals. Things to consider range from the nature from the business, other participants in the organization as well as your lengthy term goals.

Minimise Contact with Risk

As an entrepreneur, creditor protection is a vital consideration. Even just in the very best-planned companies, unforeseen conditions can arise. They might safeguard a company owner’s interests by minimising contact with the potential risks of buying and selling.

In which a dividend is received by an Irish resident company from another Irish resident company it’s exempt from corporation tax. By developing a Hold Co, retained earnings could be transferred in the buying and selling company by having to pay tax-free dividends towards the Hold Co. Business proprietors can therefore confine risk towards the buying and selling company without exposing the money reserves locked in the holding company. The Hold Co ought to be uncovered to risk simply to the level of their purchase of the buying and selling company. If your Hold Co later decides to lend money towards the buying and selling company, it may secure your debt and be a guaranteed creditor from the holding company. This provides the holding company priority when it’s here we are at your debt to become paid back.

Tax Efficient Reinvestment

Another essential benefit of a Hold Co is the opportunity to reinvest cash reserves on the tax efficient basis. As one example of, profits from your active business earned in the buying and selling company are susceptible to a company tax rate of 12.5%. These after corporate tax earnings may then be given to the shareholders by means of dividends. When the dividends are received by a person shareholder they’re susceptible to personal earnings taxes. Rather, the payment of tax-free dividends to some holding company makes it possible for the holding company to reinvest the funds it receives. By filtering out one layer of tax, the reinvestment of funds becomes tax efficient.

This can be especially advantageous where there are a variety of unconnected shareholders from the buying and selling company. Where all these shareholders can their very own personal holding company, this provides them the versatility to individually decide whether they would like to pay dividends from the buying and selling company with the holding company and to themselves or else, whether they would like to leave some or all the buying and selling company dividends within the holding company to become reinvested for their own individual benefit.

Subsequent purchase

Irish tax law offers a capital gains tax exemption for disposals of qualifying subsidiaries by an Irish Hold Co. The Irish Hold Co must hold a minimum of 5% from the subsidiary, which should be resident within an EU or agreement jurisdiction and pass a buying and selling test. This contrasts using the 33% tax rate relevant to disposals by individuals.


With correct advice, holding companies may provide various tax and non-tax benefits. An intensive knowledge of the possibility benefits is essential to creating any decision as you will see many cases in which a Hold Co could be very advantageous and a few instances where they might offer minimal benefit. Individuals thinking about developing a holding company should first seek the help of a reliable consultant who are able to supply the information and customised advice to enable them to using their particular situation.

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