Activity-Based Work Explained: A Guide To Workspace Management & More!

Two employees may have similar jobs, but they don’t necessarily have the same approach. They need to have the variety of settings, in which they prefer to work. Activity-based working (ABW) is considered to be a great strategy for businesses too, because there are more settings and maximum use of workspace. In a standard office, most employees have the same setting, or the same cubicle, but AWB allows them to select the rooms, areas, where they can be more productive. To have such a work environment, it is important to ensure optimal use of workspace. In this post, we are discussing more on what is activity based work, and how scheduling software can help with better workspace management.

Understanding the need for AWB

Having an activity-based workplace can boost employee morale and productivity, at least that’s what most studies have to reveal. It also ensures that employees don’t feel trapped in a cubicle and can choose to get work done in a way that suits them the best. From using work-from-homes to finding spaces that suit their work needs, employees are much more in control of their working hours, and that does have a big impact on the work being done. For employers, activity-based workplaces are great for making the most of available rooms, cubicles and equipment. It allows for space efficiency, but without added costs.

The need for workspace management software

It is impossible to have an activity-based workspace, without an effective and transparent means of management. For that, workspace management software, also called room scheduling software, is absolutely important. It is necessary to focus on activity based work environment by allowing flexibility. A good scheduling software, businesses can ensure that floor managers, employees and teams have easier and simpler access to office space they need. It also reduces the possible chances of manual errors – such as double bookings, unused rooms and spaces, and even renting out spaces and conference rooms to other businesses.

Final word

Activity-based workspaces are now the norm for many businesses, mainly because it helps in maximizing use of both workforce and space. However, without a scheduling software program, it would be hard to keep an eye on things, which may lead to chaos and confusion. The best scheduling software options are designed to be cloud-based, so availability, updates and changes can be checked in real time, and users with access can make modifications as and when needed.

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