A Beginners Guide to Learn About Forest Operations

If you are interested in taking up a career in timber harvesting, then here are a few important forest operations that you need to know. By employing different types of machines that are distinctive to forest road construction, fuel treatment, logging, and other types of forest management activities.

In this article, we will tell you more about forestry equipment that is beneficial for the execution of forest operations.

What is the forestry equipment?  

Forestry equipment is classified as heavy equipment. This logging equipment is grouped into various categories, on the basis of the forestry function they carry out such as landing, logging, service, or road.

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Logging machine

Logging machines are purpose-built to transfer trees and small, and short logs, short and self-loaders to the roadside landing of logs.


Short-log cutter and Small-tree faller helps in cutting small trees in measured direction, delimbs it and cuts it into logs. It has automated cutting head, on-board computerized log cutting, can operate on discreetly steep slopes.


This forestry equipment tracks machine cuts, and help in falling trees in a precise direction, and places trees to piles. It can easily work on steep slopes.

Wheeled Feller-Buncher

It is a machine that performs wheeled machine cuts in a controlled direction. It places trees to bunch. It is ideal for working on gentle slopes.

Small Wheel Feller-Buncher

It is wheeled tractor-sized equipment that cuts small trees in the precise direction. It places trees to piles as “bunches”. This equipment is appropriate for thinning when used on gentle terrain.


It is a small-sized tracked machine that comes inbuilt with a mulching attachment that grinds thick forest brush, treetops, and limbs, into woody mulch.

The main objective of using this equipment is to lower fire hazard, improve habitat, and prepare your place for reforestation. Mulcher is available in various configurations, and sizes. It can be tracked, boom – front-mounted, and wheeled.

Roadside Brush Cutter

The mobile machine helps to clear the roadside brush. It can be either a tracked or wheeled machine that drives a grinding head that has been moved towards the roadside for cutting its limbs and other vegetation.


These are specialized Forestry machines that are developed with purpose, size, and designed to suit the requirements of the specific forestry task that you wish to perform using it.

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