6 important reasons to remove asbestos by using a professional team

It’s great news when a business expands. Their marketing strategy may have been such a success that increased office space and more employees are required, or alternatively new premises are required for those in the manufacturing sector to be able to accommodate the necessary machinery.

While it’s an exciting proposition, it also needs plenty of planning and thought, especially if the new buildings being moved into are of a certain age. Aside from ensuring the electrics and plumbing are up to scratch, it is essential to get it tested and then ensure that safe works are carried out by the best asbestos removal Perth can provide where it’s necessary for the following 6 reasons.

  1. Asbestos is a health hazard. Nobody in business wants their employees to be faced with health risks, so it needs removing safely and efficiently. It can lead to contracting serious diseases when breathed, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.
  2. From December 2003 asbestos was banned across Australia including its import and export. Things have changed since it was a common construction material from the late 19th century as it proved economical in keeping costs down in the housing construction industry. Strict health and safety regulations are on top of such issues in the modern world.
  3. Not just any workman can carry out its removal. Experts who fully understand the regulations and strictly comply with them under the WA code of practice must be used. They must employ a person holding the right qualifications to supervise the operation.
  4. Fortunately, there is a team waiting to carry out such work, with over 20 years of experience that holds all the required certificates and will complete professional and safe removal of such hazardous material.
  5. All the correct specialist safety equipment will be worn for what is a highly skilled job. On occasions, high volume vacuum machinery will be used to such out the asbestos from potentially hidden areas in roofs, pipes, or boiler lagging, ensuring that it is safe for future use.
  6. Before they get to work detailed plans will be discussed and then implemented that guarantee that the chosen team with a government license can carry out the process and then get on with the smartest procedure of safely disposing the unwanted materials.

Asbestos is dangerous as its removal, so always call in a professional team with a government license to carry out the work.

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