4 Tips For Obtaining A Personalised Employment Pass Singapore

If you are looking to come to Singapore and live here for the long term, then one thing that you should do is obtain an employment pass. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult because there are many stipulations involved in the application process.

However, this blog post will help guide you through obtaining personalised employment pass Singapore so that your stay in our country is as easy as possible.

  • Do your research on what kind of employment pass you need. There are many different types, and it may be difficult to determine which one is best for you without consulting professionals or legal advice.
  • Make sure that your qualifications qualify to obtain an employment pass in Singapore. You will also have to submit details about the position, such as salary and benefits, that you will be taking on.
  • Now is the time to find a job in Singapore. You can use your employment pass to work for multiple companies simultaneously, but only one company should process your application. This means that it’s up to you which company processes first, so make sure you choose carefully.
  • File your application as quickly as possible. Start the process at least four months before you are set to arrive in Singapore, and make sure that all of the documentation is completed within 12 weeks of applying.

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